The OG - Flesh and Blood Playmat (LIMITED PRINT RUN)(HAND NUMBERED)

The OG - Flesh and Blood Playmat (LIMITED PRINT RUN)(HAND NUMBERED)

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When I first learned to play Flesh and Blood my brain was (and still is) too smooth to remember where all the cards went, so I hastily made a mat with blue painters tape and a blank mat I had hanging around the store. This is a print of that original mat.

This printing is limited to 69 mats and each one is hand numbered by me, a person with truly terrible handwriting. Once I sell all 69 copies, this mat will never be made again.


  • Is it made with actual blue painters tape? No. It's a photo of my original mat that has been printed on a mat.
  • BUT I WANT BLUE PAINTERS TAPE! Trust me. No you don't. The mat with the tape was truly terrible, both to look at and to use.
  • That makes me want the tape more now. You're truly a legend and I'm guessing we're soul mates.
  • Does it look like real blue painters tape? You bet your ass it does! I spent an embarrassing amount of time editing the photo to get it right/wrong. I also put the printed mat next to the mat with real tape and everyone thought I had just made a second tape mat.
  • If this is a limited print run, why is it so cheap? Because unlike this mat, money is stupid and won't make you happy.
  • But I really need to spend a lot of money on this mat so I can flex on my friends. Donate $46 to your local soup kitchen and tell them you spent $69.69 on the mat. Your secret is safe with me.
  • Can I get mat number 69/69? Sure... if you're the person lucky enough to purchase the last mat. :)
  • I don't get it. Then this mat probably isn't for you.


They're awful, but you love them anyway. trashmats.

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