The Hidden Fates fundraiser results are in!

The results of the Hidden Fates ETB fundraiser are in and the response was absolutely incredible! Over the two weeks the fundraiser was running we managed to raise $1580 across the three organizations. Here’s the breakdown:
  • Number of orders containing donations: 100
  • Number of individual donations: 316
  • Total money raised: $1580
    • Doctors Without Borders ==> $ 323.68
    • Equal Justice Initiative => $ 485.53
    • Meals on Wheels America ==> $ 694.97
    • Credit Card Fees =========> $  75.82

In case you like pie charts…. 

pie chart

And for accountability, here are the receipts:

Seriously you guys… this was amazing. I was a bit unsure how everyone would react to the fundraiser, but your response was overwhelmingly positive. I’m not generally very good at communicating my emotions in a succinct or artful fashion, but just know that I find your collective generosity quite inspiring. :) Hopefully we can do something like this again soon.