(UPDATE) Shining Fates Release Schedule

Hey all! I've been getting a ton of questions about when Shining Fates will be available for purchase on the site, so I figured that it was time to post an update to the original post.


  • Pokemon is trickle-releasing Shining Fates across four-ish waves.
  • We are somewhere in between Wave 2 and 3.
  • Excess inventory will be made available for sale after all of my preorders are fulfilled (most likely in Wave 4)

Which Wave are we in?

  • as of Apr 22, 2021 => Wave 4 has arrived
  • as of Mar 29, 2020 => we are somewhere in the midst of Wave 3
  • as of Mar 4, 2021 => between Wave 2 and 3.

The Schedule

Roughly speaking these are what the release dates for the four Waves are looking like.

  • Wave 1 => February 19, 2021
  • Wave 2 => February 25, 2021 (approximately)
  • Wave 3 => March 5, 2021 (originally Wave 2)
  • Wave 4 => TBD (basically Wave 2A)

And this where all of the Shining Fates products fall in that schedule:

Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3 Wave 4
Mad Party Pin
Pikachu V
Big Tins
Premium Collection
Mini Tins 😬 😬


As the table implies, the Mini Tins are extra confusing because the Wave 3 release is delayed and will actually happen between Wave 3 and 4. This opens the door to the possibility that Wave 4 Mini Tins will be delayed too, so.... 😬

Pokemon hasn't committed to specific dates for all the Waves, so we're kind of just hanging out. :)

That's everything we know so far! I'll update the "Which Wave are we in?" section as it changes.