OMG VACATION! (Or "why the store will be closed from June 19th - 27th")


I'm taking a (covid-responsible) vacation with the family unit from June 19th-27th, so I won't be processing orders or responding to messages during that time.

In order to make sure I can get everybody's Chilling Reign preorders out the door on time I'm putting some cut-offs in place to keep things moving efficiently (see below):

Important dates and times

  • Wednesday, June 16th, 2021 @ 12:00PM EDT: Orders placed before this time are guaranteed to be fulfilled before I leave.
  • Wednesday, June 16th @ 12:01PM EDT: Orders placed after this time will be "best effort" on fulfillment.
  • Saturday, June 19th @ 8:00AM EDT: Orders placed after this time will not be shipped until I get back on 27th.
  • Sunday, June 27th: Normal order fulfillment will resume. Priority will be given to "best effort" orders I couldn't get to before I left and orders placed while I was gone.

If you need to get a hold of me during my absence please use the contact form. That will get your message in the queue and I'll holler at you as soon as I get back.



PS. Evolving Skies preorders will happen when I get back. :)