Initial Champion's Path Allocations


So far I've received allocation numbers on the ETBs and Pin Collection 1. Here's what we know so far.

Champion's Path ETB Allocations

A little bit of Good News/Bad News with the Champion’s Path ETBs.

Good News

100% fulfillment! If you preordered an ETB from me you’re guaranteed to get it.

I’ve received allocation numbers from two of my three distributors so far and I’ll be getting more than enough product from them to guarantee preorders.

Bad News

At the very last minute Pokemon made the decision to release the Champion’s Path ETBs in two waves:

  • Wave 1A: September 25 (the original street date)
  • Wave 1B: late October

Nobody is quite sure why they’re doing it this way, but if I had to partake in wild speculation I’d guess that it has something to do with production issues.

Sadly, Pokemon is releasing the vast majority of the ETBs in Wave 1B, so fulfillment for most people will be delayed. I’m still waiting on my third distributor to give me their allocation numbers so I can figure out how many ETBs will be going out in Wave 1A.

I’ll be shipping preorders on a First-In-First-Out basis, so the earlier you placed your preorder the better your chances of being in Wave 1A are.

Champion's Path Pin Collection 1 Allocations

A bit of Bad News here.

The allocation numbers are in for Pin Collection 1 are in and they are BRUTAL. So far it’s looking like I’ll only be getting 5% of what I ordered, and I ordered 200% of what I needed to fulfill preorders.  I’m still waiting on one more distributor to get me my numbers, but if the first two allocations are any indication, they’ll probably be bad too.

(Note: Everyone expected allocations to be bad on the ETBs, but not the Pin Collections, so it’s kinda got everyone baffled.)

Here are your options

  1. Get a full refund now. If you’d like your money back on the Pin Collection 1 items you preordered, just holler. If you have other items in your order we can figure it out of a case-by-case basis.
  2. Wait it out a bit longer. I should be getting my final allocation numbers from my third distributor soon, which should get me a clearer picture on what I’ll be getting.

Additionally, I haven’t even been guaranteed a full case yet, so there’s an outside chance I won’t even get all three versions of the Pin Collection 1 because I’ll be at the mercy of the warehouse guys packing the orders.  

If you ordered the 3-Pack, but you’d be okay with potentially receiving duplicate versions instead of three distinct versions, please let me know.

I’ll be shipping preorders on a First-In-First-Out basis, so the earlier you placed your preorder the better your chances of receiving your preorder will be.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.