Ursula's Revenge (Lorcana Set 4) will be available in-store Friday, May 17 and available for online ordering Sat, June 1.

Information About Shining Fates Preorders


As I'm sure most of you saw, there was a Shining Fates preorder on Wednesday night (Dec 9) that sold out very quickly. If you missed it, do not fret. This is not going to be my only preorder session for Shining Fates.

The next preorder session will happen once I get my allocation numbers from my distributors, which I suspect will be sometime mid January. Once I get my numbers I'll be able to structure any subsequent preorders accordingly.

This is all in an effort to eliminate having to do partial/full cancellations once the product releases. If history (read: Champion's Path) is any indicator, Pokemon is going to be stingy with certain products (pin collections) and generous with others (dubwool, etbs), and it will not make sense. Given that, I wanted to keep numbers in this initial preorder at quantities I'm certain I can fulfill.

Over the last few releases I've only had maybe a dozen or so partial refunds, but refunds/cancellations are just as frustrating for me as they are for you, so the goal is to get preorders fine-tuned to the point that cancellations are effectively not a thing.

Given the system we're all working within, I think that this is the best option we have. I'm happy to chat more about this, so if you're curious/frustrated/etc, just holler. :)