Free shipping becomes "Standard Shipping"


The free shipping tier has been replaced with a $5 flat rate fee that I'm referring to as "Standard Shipping" and it kicks in at the old free shipping threshold of $65. Orders under the $65 threshold will still get calculated rates based on location and weight.

I'm not excited to make this change but the following factors have necessitated this move:

For a concrete example, it now costs me nearly $13 to ship an ETB to most parts of the West Coast and Southwest before you factor in supply costs.

I genuinely hate to do this, but with PayPal raising their transaction fees and distributors continuing to charge higher costs and fees, my margins have been slowly been shrinking for some time now. Couple this with a limited supply of inventory from manufacturers and things are pretty lean -- even before you after in the overhead for the brick and mortar store.

I appreciate each and every one of you, and I hope you understand.