Ursula's Revenge (Lorcana Set 4) will be available in-store Friday, May 17 and available for online ordering Sat, June 1.

Evolving Skies Preorders coming the week of June 28th.


I'm back from vacation and catching up on the backlog, but I just wanted to drop a line and remind you that the initial Evolving Skies preorders will be announced sometime this week (June 28 - July 2).

I need to chat with my reps before I formulate a specific game plan, but chances are pretty good that the preorders will be structured like the Chilling Reign preorders were:

  • Tiny initial preorder with low quantity limits
  • Larger secondary preorder with larger quantity limits

Even though Pokemon's production capabilities are improving, they're still frenetic and difficult to make predictions about. Given that, the best course of action is to limit the initial preorders to quantities I'm positive I can fulfill for release day and wait until I get my allocations and wave release information to do a second, larger preorder.

If you have any questions just holler. :)