Ursula's Revenge (Lorcana Set 4) will be available in-store Friday, May 17 and available for online ordering Sat, June 1.

Champion's Path Wave 1 is here! Regular orders might be slower through the weekend.


Champion's Path Wave 1 items started rolling in last night (September 23) and I'm furiously boxing up your preorders to get everything shipped out ASAP. About half of the inventory is already here; the rest is on it's way and should be here tomorrow (September 25).

Update 9/25/2020: All of my cancellation emails (there weren't that many, thankfully) have been sent out, so if you haven't received an email from me that's good news! Emails regarding Wave 1B ETBs will be going out later this weekend once I've managed to push through all the Wave 1 preorders. :)

Note for regular (non-Champion's Path) orders: There might be small increases in processing time (1-2 days) for regular orders and emails through Monday, September 28. I'm doing my best to process regular orders concurrently with Champion's Path preorders, but as chief/cook/bottlewasher I have a fixed amount of bandwidth. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated, dudes. :)