Free Team Bag for Covid-19 Vaccination Card (LIMIT 1)
Free Team Bag for Covid-19 Vaccination Card (LIMIT 1)

Free Team Bag for Covid-19 Vaccination Card (LIMIT 1)

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There's a limit of 1 bag per person, but if you have kids and/or partners that need one just holler at me in the order notes about snagging a few extras. (Note: You can easily fit more than one card per bag.)


The key to putting this pandemic squarely in our rear view mirror is the mass adoption of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Until we reach herd immunity status, however, part of the vaccine roll out is going to include showing proof of vaccination status to resume certain aspects of "normal life."

Given that, you'll definitely want to protect your vaccination card for the foreseeable future. I've seen places offering lamination services, but this doesn't seem like a good solution since it doesn't account for the potential of booster shots in the future.

Enter... the Team Bag. They fit nearly perfectly and are resealable in case you need to add the record of a booster shot to the card in the future.


With that said, I'm giving some of these bad boys away. Whether you've already gotten your vaccine or you plan on getting your vaccine doesn't really matter to me... I just want you somewhere on the vaccination continuum. <3

Don't forget Penny Sleeves and Top Loaders