[Nov 28, 2023] Whelp it finally happened. I tested positive for covid tonight, so orders will be delayed and the physical store will be closed at least until Dec 3. I'll keep everybody updated as best I can.

(FREE) Standard League Event [ALL AGES] [Sat, Nov 4 @ 4:30PM]

(FREE) Standard League Event [ALL AGES] [Sat, Nov 4 @ 4:30PM]

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Event Details
  • Event Format => Standard (E, F, & G Block cards)
  • Age Groups => All ages welcome (we'll pair off by age groups when possible)
  • Tournament Type => Swiss
  • Number of Rounds => 3
  • Round length => 30 minutes

Ticket Info

  • Max # of tickets => 16
  • Event Ticket => $0 (purchase online to reserve a seat or pay in store)
  • Event Total Cost => $0

Prize Support

  • All players receive a Series 2 Prize Pack (as available) or booster pack from available stock
  • Winner receives an additional three booster packs from available stock

Don't forget Penny Sleeves and Top Loaders