(Commander OR Standard) Friday Night Magic Event [Fri, Jun 7]

(Commander OR Standard) Friday Night Magic Event [Fri, Jun 7]

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Event Details

Commander FNM aka Properly Casual Commander (TM). This is a open play event. The event starts @ 6PM and the last pod fires @ 9PM. Show up any time between 6PM and 9PM to play. (Note: This is not like our Weekly Commander League.)

Standard FNM aka Learning To Love Standard Again. The event starts @ 7PM and we'll play 3x 50 min rounds (Bo3).

Note: There is nothing stopping you from doing both events. :)

Ticket Info

  • Max # of tickets => 16 for Commander, 16 for Standard
  • Entry Fee => $0

Prize Support

  • All players receive a promo pack or other WOTC promo for participation

Don't forget Penny Sleeves and Top Loaders