Weekly Commander League Event [Sun, Jun 30 @ 1PM]

Weekly Commander League Event [Sun, Jun 30 @ 1PM]

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Event Details

  • Description: The intention of this event is to a casual/friendly, tournament style commander event. Players typically bring multiple decks and discuss play-style during Rule 0 to make sure their pod is relatively balanced. You're allowed to switch decks between rounds. No cEDH unless all players in a pod are on board.
  • Buy-in: $5
  • # of Rounds: 3 one-hour swiss rounds (plus 2 times around the pod for overage)

Prize Support

  • 100% of buy-in's go back to Top 3 as store credit (50%, 30%, 20% respectively)
  • Players outside of Top 3 receive promo pack or other promo materials as available

Don't forget Penny Sleeves and Top Loaders